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Prada Espadrille and Sneaker Sole canvas Creepers Review

The Prada Espadrille and sneaker sole creepers first appeared on the Spring Summer 2011 runway: they were featured on many magazines and websites editorials, but originally weren’t released to the public and Prada made only some pairs for loyal customers. The Italian fashion house decided to sell them in big quantities six months later, and they became one of their biggest hits since Miuccia Prada became head designer, and they are now part of the permanent collection, varying only in colors and materials during each different season. My pair of Prada espadrille creepers comes in the cap-toe and canvas model and I hope to give you a precise and objective review since I wore them a lot: I hope to be of some help to anyone that’s still on fence about this beautiful but extravagant pair of shoes.

First off, the packaging: the Prada espadrille creepers come in a deep-midnight blue box with a texture similar to the Saffiano leather effect that Prada often uses on its bags, the historic “rope” Prada logo in silver on top and the price, model and size information on the side and two blue cotton dustbags.

The shoes feature an overall height of 10.5 cm ( approx. 4.1 inches ) while the sole is made of 2 centimeters of thick jute rope and 2 additional centimeters of white and brown sneaker sole.
The espadrille part is welted to the body of the shoe by a thick beige colored stitching and the sneaker sole – which has a little “ripple” effect on the grey outsole – is directly glued to the jute.
Due to the height and weight of the shoes, especially since it’s bigger compared to traditional creepers, the sole doesn’t bend and walking in the Prada Espadrille and sneaker creepers can be quite tricky. If you wear them for long walks it can be exhausting, and you can’t run with them: I guess that’s the price for wearing an eccentric and bizarre pair of designer shoes.

Despite their “health” problems, there are many pros: these shoes feel very sturdy, and the quality of materials and construction is top notch. The Prada creepers are made in Italy and have a thick beige canvas upper, completed by beige leather trimmings, leather insoles with PRADA printed on silver on them, and a brown leather lining; I was very pleased to see that after many days of wear, rolling appeared instead of creasing on the upper near the cap toe stitching, showing off the good selection of materials and construction used for the shoes.

A short sizing guide: the Prada Espadrille and sneaker creepers, like many other Prada shoes, run half to one size size big – I wear a 40 in all my other pairs of leather shoes, therefore I needed to get a European 39 ½ (US 5 ½ ) and I still have a bit of space to permit the feet a easier movement while walking for the reasons that derive from the thickness of the sole.

Finally, what to wear with them? The Prada Espadrille and sneaker creepers look their best paired with a well tailored and cropped pair of trousers ( wool or chinos ) or cropped jeans; during winter you can add more flair with a pair of graphic socks, while during the warmer months you can wear them with “ninja” socks in order to don’t show them and go bare-ankles. They also go extremely well with an overall quirky outfit ( Kenzo designer clothing usually mix greatly with them ) and also with a sharp suit or a blazer, to give off a strong contrast between your clothing from head to the upper of the Prada creepers, and then from the espadrille layer – that’s where the magic happens – to the floor.

Gif che mostra come la camminata sia diversa portando le creepers Prada.

Gif showing the walking with the Prada creepers.

Visuale "aerea" delle creepers Prada in tessuto.

Aerial view of the Prada creepers.

Dettaglio della cucitura dela suola.

Detail of the sole stitching.

I lacci sono di cotone beige, nello stesso tono del colore della iuta nello strato espadrille.

The laces are made of a beige cotton that matche with the jute of the espadrille layer and have a slightly waxed effect.






“Aerial” view of the Prada canvas creepers.

Detail of the sole stitching.

The laces are made of a beige cotton that matches with the jute of the espadrille layer and have a slightly waxed effect.