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Iro Paris Flannel shirt review


Although some people might classify french brand Iro as a brand too similar with the collections that Hedi Slimane designed for Saint Laurent since 2013, in reality Iro, created by French brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton, was distinguished by an effortless rock n’ roll chic style since its debut with womenswear in 2005 and with menswear in 2011. In this case I’ll review a shirt from the past Iro fall winter 2014 collection, which I wore a lot during the past months, and surely certified as a great product. Here’s the breakdown:

Overview: the shirt has some traits of the typical flannel shirt design, being the checked pattern and the pocket; the latter is concealed under the material and it’s accessible by a minimal, hidden slit under the yoke that covers the shoulders. The checked red and blue pattern covers the entire shirt except for the yoke on the back and on the arms – from the elbow to the cuffs – in a color-blocking grey that also acts as elbow patches. The front buttons of the shirt are covered by an additional placket, a nice touch that’s usually found only on more formal shirts, while the cuffs sport two buttons each.

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IRO Paris Wilo suede boots Review

French brand IRO was launched in 2002 by two french brothers – Laurent and Arik Bitton – and focused ever since on a vintage rock n’ roll chic style; nowadays this same style is sold by Saint Laurent since Hedi Slimane took the reins as creative director of the fashion house, and many brands are trying to offer a similar clothing trend ( Sandro is one of the best examples ), so I decided to take a shot for suede “vintage rock” boots and Iro seemed the most genuine alternative to Saint Laurent. Anyway, here’s my review, I hope you enjoy the read!

Last month I visited for the first time the Iro Paris boutique here in Rome and they were offering the fall/Winter 2014 items on sale: I was lucky enough to find a pair of Wilo suede boots for 50% off and I immediately bought them since I’ve been searching for beige suede boots for a long time. I’d also highlight that the retail experience was great and the shop employees were polite and advised me usefully.

The Iro Wilo boots came packed in a white box with minimal branding and the item size and material on the side that also contained a white shoe bag. They are made in Spain, and have a beige suede body (you can also find the same model in black leather or black suede on the Iro site) and a brownish leather sole and leather lining. They feel great on feet but be warned, these boots, along the others that I tried in-store, do not fit true to size, and I needed to get one size bigger. After about one month of wear, facilitated by the low number of rainy days, I can certainly assert that the blake stitched outsole is well made, and needed only a couple of days to break in but sometimes, while wearing a thin pair of cotton socks, I could feel the stitching on the insole, typical of the blake construction.

The suede feels smooth to the touch, and has a burnished effect on the toes, giving them a darker shade of brown. The area around the ankle features the same fastening that we find on many Jodhpur boots: there is a suede strap that makes two turns around the ankle and ends up in a brass buckle characterized by an old finish to get a vintage look.

The Iro Paris Wilo boots have a 3 cm stacked leather heel that many people could find too cowboy-ish, but I think they work great with many different casual outfits, especially during spring and summer: you can pair them with a vintage looking indigo or light blue denim or even with a black denim to give off a sharp contrast in terms of color palette, just remember to keep things casual and don’t wear them to formal events.

Overall, I’m really happy with these boots: they fulfilled my desire to have a pair of light suede footwear and they also complement my clothing style and wardrobe. The Iro Wilo boots will surely be the perfect companions in the warmer months to come, I’ll just need to remind myself to take good care of them, don’t wear them when it rains, and buy a suede brush as soon as possible since they are my first shoes made of suede. You can still find them in some sizes on the official Iro Paris website, and also in the two other colorways, black suede Wilo or Black Leather Lowi.

Detail of the strap and the silver buckle.

Stacked leather heel made of 6 different layers.