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First impression: Nike Cortez Premium QS

Even though the original Nike Cortez sneakers released in 1972, they surely sparked new interest 22 years later, in 1994, when they appeared on the feet of Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump , and continued until these days, especially with the award winning movie actual “cult” status. Last month Nike finally decided to re-release the original colorway of the shoe and gave them the “premium “Quickstrike” treatment.

This release price is 100$ (or 100€ if you live in Europe like me), about 40 dollars more than the normal nylon Cortez sold on The white leather of the upper has a good shine to it but it creases at the touch, just as you would expect from a 100 $ pair of shoes: my best bet is that they will probably look the best dirty and beaten, just as Forrest Gump wore them.

The colorway is the same white, college red and royal blue that originally released in 1972 as track coach Bill Bowerman conceived them and the same that Jenny gives to Forrest as a present in the movie ( obviously they come in the same retro-vibes Nike orange Box).
Other details are the retro shaped Swoosh and the foam tongue that we still found on Nike Blazer today; many people, including me, don’t find them aesthetically pleasing but on a pair of vintage status like these Cortez they are essential details.

Additionally, the classic Cortez feature a rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern, the same that helped many athletes during the seventies (and Forrest Gump to run through the United States during his three-year Coast to Coast marathon!), with a Nike logo molded on the center of it.

Speaking of fit, I suggest getting your usual size since they are true to size (often abbreviated as TTS). If you want to wear them in one of your casual outfits, I think they look their best in a modern silhouette, especially if mixed with a pair of slim, cropped jeans. The Nike Cortez premium QS are sold out on the official Nike site as now, but I’m sure that you can still find your pair on indipendent sites and sneakers stores.