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luster catcher youtube channel and haider ackermann floral bomber video-review

Hi guys and gals, I just started my own youtube channel! I uploaded an introduction video so you can get a glimpse at the stuff you’ll see in the next weeks, and also uploaded a review. For my first video-review, i present to you the beautiful Haider Ackermann spring summer 2015 floral bomber. I hope you will enjoy the vids, and obviously feel free subscribe, like and comment if you want to ask any question about the garment or the youtube channel! I’m still working hard on my spoken English – can’t do much practice here in Rome unfortunately – and sometimes I make grammar errors and get the wrong pronunciation on some words, but I hope you will be able to understand me.



See you next time, and have a good week!

welcome to Luster Catcher

Hi there, and welcome to Luster Catcher! I’m Federico Barengo, an architecture student from Rome, Italy. My passions are, besides architecture, art, design, movies and men’s fashion; growing up, I began to appreciate more and more the High fashion world of menswear, and I tried to develop a clothing style of my own. As of today, in 2015, after so many time spent on the net, going to physical (and online) shops, buying many good pieces and many bad decisions, I finally found my style and I also came to the conclusion that I could do some good for the men’s fashion community by publishing reviews and articles on a newly opened blog, called Luster Catcher.The “luster” is the quality of shining by reflecting light, and also alludes to the names given by designer Hedi Slimane, one of my favorites, to a particular collection designed by himself when he worked at the head of Dior Homme. “Catcher” expresses the purpose of this blog: putting into words and divulge the shine and the sparkle of today men’s high fashion, catching it by writing articles, reviews and news stories.The site is still a bit rough in my opinion, but I’m working hard to give my readers the best layout and design; I’ll updated it weekly, and post whenever I’ll get my hands on a new clothing piece or something interesting happens in the men fashion world. Anyway, good read, I hope you enjoy my posts, my reviews and my writing, and any feedback is greatly appreciated.