Saint Laurent SS16 hawaiian shirt review

Today, for this review, you’ll see the short sleeve version of the Saint Laurent Hawaii shirt. For the Saint Laurent spring/summer 2016 collection this Hawaii shirt was released in 3 different models – a short sleeves version, a long sleeves version and a long sleeves shirt with a raw hem. The long sleeve shirt without the raw hem was featured on look 27 of the runway show, as pictured below.

Like the silk Hawaiian shirt from spring/summer 2014 (video review here) the cut is very cropped and the back is slightly longer than the front of the shirt 

To start the review, we look at the collar of the shirt, which is a Cuban collar and unlike the spring/summer ’14 Hawaii shirt it is made of 100% viscose instead of silk. Although the lower quality of materials is significant to the value of the item, it is still a very drapey shirt and it’s great for warm weather. The shirt has 2 front patch pockets and features glossy white buttons.

The light blue colors on the shirt pops out and gives out a nice summer vibe. The shirt also has illustrations of skies, surf waves on the ocean as well as a beach, plants and palm trees. The print is very significant to the name of the collection ‘Surf Sound’ obviously, but it also has a kind of exotic, oriental vibe due to the style of drawing and the traits of the natural elements.

This SS16 Hawaiian shirt is a favorite among many for this collection Hawaiian shirts as it is made of viscose while the other shirts are cotton and definitely feel cheaper and less recommended for summer wear. The shirt is made in Italy like many of other Saint Laurent products.

Although the shirt is very cropped it is possible to size down on this shirt to achieve a less boxy fit, but it is recommended to go true to size to achieve the full potential of the shirt since it drapes very beautifully over the body.

In my opinion, to wear this Saint Laurent short sleeve shirt, you’ll need a very simple fit since the shirt is very loud and deserves to be a stand out piece on itself. The shirt looks very good with simple black jeans and a pair of brown suede boots or distressed sneakers to add a bit of the ‘Surf Sound’ grunge feeling that the collection showcased. Obviously in colder months it will look flawless under a trucker denim jacket or a leather perfecto. If you plan to wear this SS16 garment with light wash jeans I’d suggest wearing a more loud t-shirt underneath so you don’t end up with a full blue color palette.

Harry Styles has worn this short sleeve shirt many times and usually pairs it with Saint LaurentWyatt Harness or Cowboy boots.

The shirt obviously resembles a lot of the Hawaiian shirts from thrift stores, but it’s safe to say that the perfect print combination as well as a luxurious feeling to the Saint Laurent garment can justify the price point.

The care tags and the style ID of the reviewed Saint Laurent shirt , which can be useful if you need to buy one second hand and for legit checks.

If I were to rate the shirt on a I would give it 7 out of 10 for the value you get of the price tag. Although the viscose material has a very nice feeling on body, it is still a bit disappointing that the shirt wasn’t made of silk materials like the other Hawaiian shirts from Saint Laurent SS14 season. Unfortunately the shirt is no longer available to purchase from online retailers but you can find another shirt from the same collection here, or through the image below.
SS16: Saint Laurent Short Sleeved Surfer Shirt

 Saint Laurent SS16 Short Sleeved Surfer Shirt – BUY IT HERE

Written by Christian @chrnis_


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